The Code of Ethics

Great importance is attributed in GMG to the code of ethics: true “Constitutional Chart”, a paper company rights and moral duties that defines ethical and social responsibilities of each participant in the organization.

The code of ethics is an effective means to prevent illicit or irresponsible behaviour on the part of those who work in the name and on behalf of the company because it introduces a clear and explicit definition of ethical and social responsibilities to all those involved directly or indirectly in business (customers, suppliers, employees, collaborators and anyone affected by the activities of the company).
The code of ethics is the main instrument of implementation of ethics within the company, which aims to clarify and define the set of principles to which they are asked to conform its recipients in intercompany. Recipients are therefore called upon to respect the values and principles of the code of ethics and are obliged to protect and preserve, through their own behaviour, the respectability and the image of the company as well as the integrity of its economic and human heritage.
Great importance is attached to the WYD in its Code of Ethics, a true “Constitutional Charter” of the company, a bill of rights and moral duties that defines the ethical and social responsibilities of each participant in the enterprise.

Energy Saving

1Energetically efficient infrastructures allow you to save on the power supply costs and on incidental services (air conditioning units), contributing to the decrease of the CO2 emissions.
We offer our customers the utmost care for the selection of Equipments and configurations which will minimize the consumptions while they are operating and will clear them during the operational

Environmentally-friendly Products

2Selecting our products we rely on partners who take care of the environmental issues. The products we install have the European and International certifications which ensure the use of non-unhealthy
components, the commitment for the utmost usage of recyclable materials into the products and packing and manufacturing processes with the lower rank of CO2 emissions.

Equipments collection and disposal

3The improvement or enlargement of your structure implies the disposal of obsolete or no longer operative equipments.
The disposal is a problem and a cost for the Company and Environment.
Aware of the problems we support our customers taking care of the collection and delivery of cables, hardware and compounds. We rely on the co-operation of specialized Centres for the recycling of raw materials and proper disposal of products which are harmful to the Environment.