GMG Network’s Services

Patch Panel server rack with yellow cords

SME and large Enterprises often need an updating of their facilities or to integrate them with new services. We systematically deal with the requests of our customers. Wdesign_ene analyze the existing situation and their requests, plan the solution, carry it out and support the personnel during its implementation. We focus our attention on the research of effective and reliable solutions which allow us to guarantee a secure revenue on the investments. We implement Data Centers and comms rooms taking care of all their aspects. We select and supply the Hardware together with the most suitable supporting systems. We install racks and server equipments. We dimension, arrange and position the cabling, the lines and electrical switchboard panels. The whole job is carried out in order to obtain the maximum efficiency and best use of the spaces. This allows us to guarantee the best maintenance and to facilitate the connection of new server equipments. We attend to the vertical and horizontal cabling systems both in fiber and copper for data network and voice. These interventions are carried out with less impact in the customer’s activity and with the best guarantee for the efficiency and life of the network.

The chance to keep the network connection far from one’s working position, the multi device access, the offer of a guest network service, are all common requirements of any company. We offer our customers the possibility to meet these requirements by creating wireless networks with a high level of coverage and security.


Network is an essential infrastructure for every company, which allows to communicate and to exchange data. Its proper functioning and efficiency are absolutely necessary to all operational activities. servizi_enWe offer our customers a service which checks and evaluates the systems and allows to understand the operating conditions of the network. We certify all systems installed, both electrical and cabling system. We monitor internal and external devices and services gathering and filing those data useful to create warning systems which will help to face malfunctions or unusual behaviours. We plan solutions to meet the operating needs and the management of the maintenance activities in compliance with the SLA levels foreseen by the customer’s standard corporate. We evaluate the network security of our customers by analyzing the general settings, procedures and policy followed. We carry out attack and penetration simulations in the corporate structure. We define a complete security picture both internal and external of platforms and services and their behaviour under attack. On the basis of this information we suggest which actions to do in order to improve protection. Knowing the status of your network infrastructure and monitoring it, enables you to act efficiently, providing a better reliability and security with less management costs.


We offer our customers the on-site support of qualified professional engineers for current operating problems and for specific projects. Our experience and a particular attention to the progress made in this field, allow us to offer our customers training and updating services for their staff.support_en